Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!

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I think today is the first time in my life I have ever wondered, why is Friday the 13th such a big deal?! Have you ever wondered why do we always dread the 13th when it lands on a Friday? Well, being the history buff I am, I had to look it up (yes Google is my best friend!) There were a few theories as to why Friday the 13th is such a "bad" day. One has to do with the crucifixion of Jesus and the 13 apostles, although it doesn't exactly have an exact tie into Friday the 13th. Another theory has to do with a book written in 1907 titled "Friday The Thirteenth" which is about a broker causing chaos and causing the stock market to crash. A more popular one dates back to October 13, 1397 when King Philip IV of France arrested many of the Knights Templar. Which to me none of these explanations aren't as exciting as I had hoped, but this may lay to rest some of my concerns over Friday the 13th and remind me that maybe there isn't too much to be worried about and should just be thankful to have a roof over my head, food for my tummy, and a wonderful husband and job to help pay for it all. See, the number 13 isn't such an unlucky number!

On a lighter side, I am working on some neat items for my booth #65 at The Blue Ridge Antique Center. Some of them you will not see listed on The Country Shed's Facebook Group for sale, which gives you an excuse to swing by and see what else I have to offer!

Soon I will have some awesome news from The Country Shed...we are expanding to Westlake, VA! Details coming soon! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let Summer Begin!

My children had their last day of school yesterday, which means in our home Summer has officially begun. As a mom working part-time at two jobs, I hated leaving home to go to work today while they got to sleep in (which between sports activities and other things the kids have going on, hasn't happened at our home in a while!). I secretly envy them getting to sleep in and think back to the days when I was in school and things seemed so much simpler!

Another change that has come with Summer has been my decision to downsize my business from two booths at two local antique malls to one. I was sad to make this decision as the one that I am leaving I really love being at as much as I like being at the other one. Things may change and I may return back to the antique mall but needed to make a change that made my life simpler. I plan to continue to search for ways to keep my business growing and productive while still keeping my sanity.

My new endeavor for the next few weeks is decluttering the house and getting ready for a yard sale that my neighbors and friends and I are working on having in a few weeks. I am excited as I am so ready to have less junk! I am so ready to part with some things that I have been hanging on to for a few years....or more. I am also excited as we are in the planning stages of remodeling our home. The thought of working on it and making it more our own is so exciting!

A photo from a hike with the family on Memorial Day 
on The Appalachian Trail in Bedford County Virginia