Monday, May 20, 2013

Rainy Day Monday

Hope all of you had a good weekend. It rained here in Virginia all weekend with a forecast of  of potential showers the rest of the week. Although we are very fortunate that we are not receiving the horrible weather the midwest is getting. I hope that all of you stay safe out there!

I spent all morning in my craft room painting away. I am working on 3 custom orders as well as trying to turn out new signs and on top of that repainting a end table I picked up at a yard sale this weekend. I will make sure to post a pic of it as soon as it is finished!

I was in heaven last Friday when I went to a yard sale I saw posted on Craigslist and found that the whole subdivision this yard sale was at was having a sale. I hit 8 sales in 30 minutes a new record for me I'm sure! I was hoping to find more furniture to repaint, but still lucked out with lots of neat treasures! I don't get to go to many yard sales with running the shop and the kids so this tickled me to no end!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Start
Well, let me say first that I have not blogged in FOREVER!!! I went back to work full time when I had my old blog and it fell to the wayside, so when I went to go back and try to pick it up again, I couldn't get into it! So I just decided to start all over, I mean it's been two years! I am wondering if I even remember how to blog! So bear with me as I ramble on and try to remember why I thought anyone would want to read me rambling on and on and on....

The sheep pictured above I just finished today. I was so excited to get him finished. I wish I had more time to make my sheep and other things like that, but I find that I get so involved in painting that I kinda lose track of time! So stay tuned as I get back into the groove of things and hopefully I will find something that will interest you to ramble on about.